CLIMATE-INSIGHT supports its clients by enabling a better integration of weather and climate information into their decision-making processes and policy generation. Working alongside our clients, we provide robust advice to help manage their weather and climate related risks.


  1. BulletInterpretation of weather and climate impacts on activities across the commercial, government and social sectors

  2. BulletDesign, development and management of risk strategies in which the changing climate and weather are increasing factors

  3. BulletConsultation, design and development of decision-making tools for climate risk management, including for climate services

  4. BulletOrganisation and presentation of training and capacity-building courses, from single seminars and conferences, through to extended courses

  5. BulletManagement and execution of projects involving the impacts of weather & climate impacts on commercial, social, government and development activities

  6. BulletEnvironmental Impact Assessments

You will benefit from working with us: CLIMATE-INSIGHT can rely on highly-experienced professionals who deliver superior-quality work for our clients.

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Why go with Climate-Insight?

CLIMATE-INSIGHT is a network of

    consultants, with expertise in 

        climate science, development and policy,

             providing leadership in climate

                 information knowledge management